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Sydney, NSW

+61 424 340 782

Worship + training. LUKAS is a worship movement directed by Luke Munns, based at HopeUC, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Similar to Hillsong Live, Hillsong UNITED, Hillsong Young & Free, Rend Collective, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Darlene Zschech, Bethel Music & Jesus Culture.



A blog about worship, creativity & innovation by Luke Munns & the LUKAS team.


🔥 Holy Spirit Come (Acoustic) + USA Songwriting Competition 🇺🇸

Luke Munns


Our new intimate acoustic version of Holy Spirit Come is OUT NOW. It's been incredible leading this song in different places all around the world and seeing everyone get wrecked by God (us included). Don't listen to it if you want to live an ordinary life. 🔥🙌🏼 USA Songwriting Competition

Are you a singer, songwriter or musician from the USA with a passion to see people connect with God through worship? Would you like the opportunity to record your song with one of Australia's best Christian Music Producers? are searching for the best new praise or worship song in the USA, offering you the chance to win your own song professionally produced, recorded, mixed and mastered with Luke Munns from thelukasband at The Lakehaus Studios, Sydney, Australia valued at over $6,000.


Struggling to make your final tracks sound completed? Do you need professional mixing/mastering that will enable you to stand out from all the surrounding noise?

With limited places available, we would like to offer all remaining music production, mixing and mastering sessions for the end of this year at 30% OFF.


Recently we gathered in Sydney, Australia to capture a collection of songs live from our Counter Culture debut album, directed and filmed by cinematographer Paul Moss (Masterchef, The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, Shark Tank, Survivor & more).

We're excited to share each one with you as we complete the post production over the coming months. Follow the journey with us on:

Counter Culture - Debut Album - Out Now!

Luke Munns

We’re SO excited to announce the release of our debut album Counter Culture on New Years Eve in Singapore as part of our upcoming world tour. Recorded over the last 3 years in studios, churches, hotel rooms and plane trips all over the world - Counter Culture is a challenge to all of us around the world that in the current state of our society we need to choose to live as Roman’s 12:2 says: “Do not to be conformed to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” We feel it’s a much needed reminder that we sensed is strongly on God’s heart and mind, for us to stand out and be different from the world we see around us. Not to just blend in and act or believe something just because everyone else around us does or bow to the pressures of political correctness, and people pleasing… We are called to be a light shining in the darkness, a city on a hill, a firm foundation amongst the storms of life, a catalyst of joy, peace and freedom, and a counter culture message of truth in love in the midst of the confusion of a lost and perishing world…

We hope you enjoy it, we’ve put as much love, creativity, worship and sacrifice into it as we could… Remember to share it with your friends. Enjoy!



Executive Producer: Phil Kennedy

Music Produced by Luke Munns

Additional music production by Herbert Bergmann

Mixed & Mastered by Luke Munns at The Lakehaus Studios, Sydney, Australia.

Recorded at The Lakehaus Studios, Sydney, Australia | The Star Performing Arts Centre Studio, Singapore | Rancho Santa Fe Studio, San Diego, USA  | C3 Studio, San Diego USA/Mackay, QLD, James’ Apartment, San Diego, and various hotel rooms and plane trips around the world.

Cheyenne Lewis’ vocals recorded by Jimmy Thorpe at Green Room Studios, Nashville.

Vocals: Luke Munns, Naomi Dawkins, Providence Cordell, Esther Lo, Cheyenne Lewis, Jen Du Toit, Nikki Fletcher, Allie Riches, Andrew Bennett, Joel Piper, Faith Knight, Sarah Otto

Piano/Keys/Synth: Herbert Bergmann, Luke Munns
Guitars: Daniel Moses, Luke Munns, Dan Hosanee, Herbert Bergmann
Bass: Luke Munns
Drums: Luke Munns

String Arrangements: Luke Munns, Herbert Bergmann

String Quartet: Amy Serrano, Nico Hueso, Erdis Maxhelaku

Additional Musicians:
Guitar: Andrew Bennett, Mark Cullen, Paul Anderberg, Chris Lang
Piano/Keys: IKE Breton, Jacques Du Toit, Chris Lang


To Jesus, the original counter culture truth in love revolutionary, we love, honour and serve you forever.

Christina Munns, Olivia Munns, Chloé Munns - I’m so grateful for you loving, releasing, supporting and sacrificing to let me explore the unique call of God on my life - and for letting me know when what I’ve created is good or not.

Phil Kennedy - you’re the friend that sticks closer than a brother - couldn’t do any of this without you. Herbert Bergmann - for your unwavering sacrifice and support. Brian & Jenn Johnson, Dr Michael Brown, John & Lisa Bevere, Jose & Lindsay Rubalcaba, Nate & Christy Johnson, Colin Buchanan, Daryl Wong, Anthony Sorge, Jess Wilkie, Andrew Cox, Beudean Gillbank, Cheyenne Lewis, Jimmy Thorpe, Naomi & Jason Dawkins, Nikki Fletcher, Allie Riches, Phil Blackbourn, Michelle Kahnt.

My Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston, Rich & Cass Langton, Gabriel Kelly and everyone from our incredible Hillsong Church family - I couldn’t do this without your prayers, covering, DNA, inspiration, encouragement and super awesome leadership.

Ps Mark & Darlene Zschech, Luke & Aimee Taylor, Ben & Jemima Gleeson, Dan Naveau and everyone in our amazing HopeUC family - you pushed me to fly.

Ps Jurgen & Leanne Matthessius, Andrew & Irina Bennett, Mark & Allie Cullen, Matt & Mikala Hubbard, James Hurley (A Brave Mix), Joel Piper, Audrey Steensma, Casey Adams and team from C3 San Diego. To Nicol and The Phillips Family, Dr Matt & Mikala Hubbard & family, Anthony Sorge & family, thank you so much for having us in your beautiful homes and mind blowing church.

Jenn Du Toit, Jacques Du Toit, Chris Lang, Joel Tomkinson, Jaden Tomkinson and the amazing Freedom Fire, and Extreme Conference team from Mackay, Australia.

Jack Ho & team from The Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore.

Ps How & Lia Seow, Daniel Goh, Aaron Cheong and team from Heart Of God Church, Singapore.

Ps Yang Tuck Yoong, Ps Andrew Yeo, Esther Lo, Jeremy Tan, Bob Nathaniel Kharsyntiew and team from Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore.

Steve McPherson, Nathan Eshman and everyone at Hillsong/Shout Publishing.

Chris Herring from Yamaha Audio. Nicest, and most needed speakers ever.

RODE Microphones. You guys are the very best.

‘My best efforts 2018’

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